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    Professional diagnostics and tuning tool for workshops and tuning centers. Includes functions to perform diagnostics of all embedded control units through the diagnostic connector on the motorcycle. The kit contains a communication Interface with a BMW adapter, a USB cable for connection to your laptop (or PC) and diagnostic software that is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8. There is also a wireless Bluetooth version of the communication interface available.
        Version 13.x- is for models up to and including 2013; x - represents the update number of the 2013 version, future updates are in preparation and can be downloaded free of charge for that version. Also K1600GT/GTL and R1200GS are supported.
            Control Units: Engine control units - ENG; Brakes - ABS; Body Electronics - ZFE (ESA included) and Body Electronics on new models - ESA, BCO, FSA, ASW; Tire pressure control - ROC; Anti-theft alarm system - DWA; Instrument cluster - Kombi
              Audio: Diagnostic functions, Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, Read identification data, Monitoring real-time data, Test actuators
                  Special functions: Read and set service date, Read and set remaining distance to the service, Adaptation values reset, Adaptation of the tank ventilation system reset, Over-revving analysis, Idle air control calibration, Date adjustment, Clock display 12h/24h, Outside temperature display °F/°C, Tire pressure display barIkPaIpsi, Complete configuration (ASS, ESA, etc.) of instrument cluster, Units of consumption display (1/100 km, km/1, mpg (GB), mpg (US)
                      Global Test: Search for and identify all embedded control units, read fault code memory + generate and print a diagnostic report
                          Coming Soon: Parameters and actuators of K1600GTIGTL and R1200GS, Body electronics configuration, ROC configuration

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